Kyle Kulesza

Metro Detroit, Michigan - 248.904.8962

Information Technology professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Information (B.S.) focused in Human Computer Interaction and minor in Information Technology from Michigan State University. For web design, photography, or video, please contact me by phone or email.
For freelance web design, photography, or video, please contact me by phone or email. Please add Kylesza Design in the subject of the email.



AEM Designer and Communications Business Analyst

Ford Motor Company
Jan 2018 - Present

Scrum Master / Full Stack Developer

Ford Motor Company
Jul 2016 - Jan 2018

Communications IT BPR Analyst Intern

Ford Motor Company
May 2015 - August 2015


Michigan State University

Bachelor of Science
Media and Information - Human Computer Interaction path
Information Technology Minor - Eli Broad College of Business

GPA: 3.31

August 2012 - May 2016

Innovation Challenge

Improving the dealership experience

During a Ford Sponsored Innovation Challenge, I worked with a team to prototype a mobile app that car buyers can use while at a dealership with the goal to increase overall customer satisfaction while purchasing a vehicle. Surveying Ford customers, we gathered which features would be most helpful to consumers. We then translated those ideas into a low-fidelity paper prototype of the entire application and reached back to potential users for feedback, creating an iterative design process. We ended the challenge with a high-fidelity, click-through prototype using the industry standards Sketch and Principle to positive reactions.

Check out our One Pager and our Princple Demo App (Mac Only)

Retiree Page

Revamping the current experience

The current Ford Retiree page has been described as very bland and includes no news and little functionality for retirees. The thought behind the redesign was to keep the style similar to the rest of the site, while also highlighting features retirees have requested and currently struggle to find. We benchmarked our original mock-ups against other competitor and senior citizen sites, which gave us other designs. We are currently user testing to figure out what direction to go with before a design is finalized.

Activity Finder

Killing time in new areas

TimeKiller is an app that helps eliminate boredem and not knowing what to do, in familiar places and new. The app would be the social media platform for activies. Businesses could promote their special nights, as well as cities promoting overall events. We did sketches during our ideation phase, as well as had potential users feedback sessions. Based on that, we continued to hone our audiecne is and how to cater to them. After we created a click through prototype, we did more user testing to come up with our next steps for our prototype.

Check out our final report as well as our InVision Prototype